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genesig is our world class portfolio of qPCR kits.

Here you can also find links to the main Primerdesign website and our oasig qPCR reagents.

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qPCR kits for Pathogen detection, Food and Water testing, Veterinary and Agricultural testing and much more.

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Human Pathogen Detection

qPCR test kits for HCV, HIV, Dengue, Ebola, Malaria and many many more infectious diseases

Human pathogen detection

Food and Water Testing

qPCR kits for Meat speciation, Fish speciation, GMO detection, Pathogen detection, Allergen testing and more

Food and water testing

Biothreat Detection

qPCR test kits for anthrax, cholera as well as many other biologically derived threats and weaponised pathogens

Biothreat detection

Oasig Lyophilised Master Mix

oasig is our unique range of freeze dried qPCR reagents.  They can be shipped at room temperature saving you enourmous costs as well as providing ultimate convenience.

oasig lyophilised reagents

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Everything else you may need for your qPCR research can be found on the main Primerdesign website.

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Our products are available for OEM/White Label supply.

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